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"Buffalo" Print


The railroads got 'em West and the West never left 'em. 

Southerners heard about the beauty of the American West. About the newly created parks. The Indians. The intrigue got to a lot of them, as they took off from Kentucky or North Carolina for the summer. Which turned into a year. Longer. You might still see some old ghost type on a building around the South telling you to See America First. And I wish you would, as long as you See Dixie Last.


- Designed in collaboration with Buffalo Jackson
- 10% of proceeds go to the National Park Service
- Letterpress printed in Massachusetts
- Size: 13" x 20"
- 110lb Lettra letterpress paper
- Proudly Printed on 100% Cotton
- As is the nature of any handmade item, there are slight variations in inking & each one is perfect in its own way.
- Does not include frame or matting

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